Itinerary 8D / 7N (Monday to Monday) Cruises (A)

Mon: San Cristobal Island - Lobos island
Tue: Punta Pitt - Witch Hill
Wed: Gardner Bay - Suarez point
Thu: Floreana Island: Punta Cormorant - Post Office Bay
Fri: North Seymour Island - Bartholomew Island
Sat: Genovesa Island: El Barranco - Darwin's Bay
Sun: South Plazas Island - Santa Fe Island
Mon: Santa Cruz Island: El Chato - Twin Craters


Itinerary 8D / 7N (Monday to Monday) Cruises (B)

Mon: Baltra - Santa Cruz: Charles Darwin
Tue: Sombrero Chino - Rabida Island
Wed: Espumilla Beach - Caleta Bucanero - Egas Point
Thu: Espinoza Point - Isabella: Caleta Tagus
Fri: Isabela Island: Elizabeth Bay - Moreno Point
Sat: Tintoreras - Wetlands - Wall of tears - Tortoise Breading Center
Sun: Santa Cruz Island: El Chato - Highlands - Tortuga Bay
Mon: San Cristobal - Interpretation Center - Airport

Charter terms and agreements

The most famous yacht charter Agreement in the world is the MYBA for sure, published and certified by the Mediterranean Yacht Brokers Association. A yacht which can be chartered with this contract is certified by the association and this a first warrantee itself.

The Myba Charter Agreement states very specific conditions called  WMT (Western Mediterranean Terms). Charter rates paid by clients (the Charterer) include: yacht’s hire (fully equipped), crew, yacht’s insurance, crew’s food.

Charter rates do not include: Fuel, guests’ food and drinks, personal communication costs and everything not mentioned in “rates include”.

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